Portable Transloading & Road Salt

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Glacier State Distribution


8716 North Granville Road
Milwaukee, WI 53224

Portable Transloading - Glacier State Dsitribution, Kenosha, WI Steve Herr

provides a mobile access solution for transloading operations, be it truck-to-rail or rail-to-truck. Transloading an economically and efficiently unload bulk commodities and construction materials, coal, sand, stone, clinker, decorative stone, from open top railcars directly into trucks for final delivery. When it comes to moving bulk material, nothing your product gets there faster, safer or more economically than transloading.


Glacier State Distribution President Steve Herr is seen standing next to a portable transloader.

Slash distribution costs

Handle the complexities of transloading

Reduce liability and safety risks

Glacier State Distribution will help your company:

Glacier State Distribution located in Kenosha, Wisconsin