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Our salt is of the best quality.

Many companies store their road salt outdoors in tarp covered stockpiles, but the problem is that usually wind and rain get into the piles, causing them to get chunky and cause environmental pollution, either in surface waters or groundwater.

Most of the time, we deliver straight from the railcar with our high speed unloading conveyors that feed the salt directly into the trucks that take it to the storage sheds.

We buy our salt from sources not affiliated with the major salt companies, and it always meets the ASTM specifications as required by bidding agencies.

Because of our ability to utilize rail transportation, we have often "come to the rescue" of public agencies that were unable to obtain additional emergency salt supplies from companies that utilize barge transportation, since river transportation is unavailable due to frozen waterways from December through March.

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Glacier State Distribution Portable Transloading
Glacier State Distribution Portable Transloading

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